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Our online courses are offered on 3 levels: Elementary (A1), Basic (A2) and First Certificate (B1).
All courses are developed on the basis of Russian as a Foreign Language State Exam System and contain everything necessary for successful preparation for the test in such areas of language competency as Speaking (yes, you will speak Russian!), but also Reading, Writing and Listening.
The best way to learn Russian is the one which fits your interests, schedule and abilities. Our comprehensive and flexible courses offer you everything for the quick and solid progress in learning Russian.


Unified structure of the course on each level

The full course consists of 60 lessons.

Every module matches the level of a chosen course (Elementary, Basic, First Certificate level) and consists of 20 lessons.

The amount of time we recommend spending on one lesson is approximately 5-7 hours. The material of an entire level takes about 100-150 hours to accomplish.
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