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First Certificate

The courses are designed by the experienced teachers with many years of teaching Russian as a foreign language in Russia and abroad. We are proud of our experience and are ready to share with you all our knowledge on how to learn Russian language and speak Russian fast and easy.

How can I learn Russian? Start the course!

The full course consists of 60 lessons. Every module matches the level of a chosen course (Elementary, Basic, First Certificate level) and consists of 20 lessons. Every lesson consists of the following sections:
"Listen and read", "Let's repeat after the teacher ", "Let's memorize", "Let's learn grammar" and "Check yourself".
Check your level
Before starting, the module "Check your level" allows to approximately determine the level of Russian and gives a recommendation on what level of training a student needs to start with to be able to learn Russian daily and prepare for successful passing of TORFL
3 levels
The "Lessons" section includes 3 levels of training courses for learning Russian. At each level, the course consists of 20 lessons, with the standardized structure and design. Each lesson built on dialogues is divided into several parts.
Listen and read
In the first section of the lesson, students are asked to read and listen to a dialogue in Russian. The text of the dialogue is doubled in English.
Let's repeat after the teacher
In the second section, the listener repeats a dialogue after the speaker, which helps to master the correct pronunciation of words.
Let's memorize
The third section will help to learn Russian language vocabulary, sentences and phrases. The Russian vocabulary of each lesson is provided with English translation in the form of audio flash cards.
Let's learn grammar
In the fourth section, the app will help students study Russian grammar.
Check yourself
Every lesson ends with a test aimed to self-check the material learned in each lesson.
The Dictionary module is presented in the format of Russian audio flashcards with English translation of each word, examples of use of the words and recordings of their pronunciation.

How can I test my Russian?

The Exams module contains exemplary Russian language exams for each TORFL level. Testing materials are prepared in accordance with the state standards in the field of testing in Russian as a foreign language. Materials are prepared taking into account the educational nature and digital format of the app. Evaluation of the exam results is carried out automatically (sections "Grammar", "Reading", "Listening") and by teachers of the "GRINT" Center (sections "Writing", "Speaking") and is available within 48 hours after testing in the "Exams" section of the App.

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